❝  would you choose me in every lifetime? ❞

i’ve heard it said that love is a thread
woven through destiny. to experience
an inescapable pull—a free fall
into sun-dappled bedsheets, 
intertwined caresses,
gossamer whispers.

i’ve heard it said that love is a tapestry
woven from memories. experiences of
a quiet comfort—a haven
of sun-soaked bedsheets, 
interlaced caresses, 
silken whispers. 

i’ve experienced that love:
sun-dappled bedsheets into sun-soaked,
intertwined caresses into interlaced,
gossamer whispers into silken.

what i would do to experience that love
with you again—to follow this string
into the next life, with you by my side.

if i did,
would you come with me?

A recurring dream. A flash of deja vu. An undeniable connection.

Some say these are remnants of our past lives—echoes of the memories we’ve made in centuries past. When I ran into you on that fateful day…

I started to believe them.


  • Customizable Name and Pronouns
  • ~15k Words (Estimated 1-2 Hours of Gameplay)
  • 6 CGs
  • Music Room Featuring an Original OST
  • Partial Voice Acting
  • A Love that Transcends Lifetimes

*Note: The music player feature is only currently compatible with the PC build. If players would like to listen to the OST outside of the game, FaeField Productions have a playlist on YouTube (soon to be available on all streaming platforms!). Additionally, while intertwine is playable in browser, there may be lagging and/or general quality-of-life downgrades. Playing the downloadable version is recommended, if possible! 

*Visual FX Warning: Some background animations have been noted to give players motion sickness. If this may relate to you, please feel free to turn off all BG animation effects in the Preferences Menu under Effects! Glitching text effects are sometimes used. These are unable to be turned off---please proceed with caution if necessary <3

Content Warning: Mention of mild violence and mildly suggestive language.


Director: Crescence
Programmers: Crescence & Kai
Script WriterCrescence 
Editors: Allie Vera, Joy, Kai

Sprite, CG, UI ArtistCrescence 
Photography Exhibit Artist: Stef Baz
Phone Icon Artist: Sonshine

Casting DirectorsCrescence & Joy
Audio & Voice Editing: Crescence 
Voice Acting: Max Herzfeld
OST: FaeField Productions (Orpheo FennKija Sound)

QA Team: Morca, Yonder, Autumn, bee, simmiepops, grace, Shrimply Perfect, Anna VF, Stef Baz, sailor otome, Maguna
Game LogoPuchi
Key VisualCrescence
"I've Heard It Said" PoemCrescence, Allie Vera, Vivi Contrast

CC SFX and BG: Attributions and credits included in game text file

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(352 total ratings)
AuthorCrescence Studio
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withPaint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop, Ren'Py
TagsAnime, josei, LGBT, Narrative, Otome, Romance, Short, Slice Of Life
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Man this game is honestly beautiful. I'm very picky when it comes to games, but this one is easily one of my favorites. It was short, but i think that made the game better. I loved the alternate universes and how they were always tied together by the red string, always finding eachother. I also loved the poetic aspect to it and how they would always say one of the same lines in each of the universes. The way they all connected was perfect. The whole concept of soulmates bound together by a string, is just a beautiful concept on its on, but the fact you made an entire game on it is what i love. ''Coincidence or fate'' was easily my favorite line. Genuinely a beautiful game.

I cried. So hard, at the idea that I may be single in this life, but in the next, I may find the end of my "red string." You've given me hope and immense inspiration. Thank you, for making me think of fate instead of trying so hard. Just let it happen and see what happens.  BUT I GOT THE FEELING THE UNIVERSE WAS SENDING ME IMMENSE SIGNALS OF "single." SO I CRIED. BUT IT WAS SO POETIIIIC...🥲

hello! this was a really really great game! as an avid fan of the red string concept, im so happy this game explored it the way it does <33 i adore how we got to experience multiple lives with van, each one different in their own way ;w;  big kudos to you and your team!!! thank you!!

I love this game sm!!

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Completely unimportant but...

What's goin on over there..?

I didn't know I needed this, it is lovely and very sweet

The way you are able to go into the future lives -- without getting too spoiley is absolute amazing! I will definelty recommend this to all of my friends. There was so many emotions and it was just -- fantastic!


Or is this just a demo? I am confused.


hi! it’s a full game. there is an interactive feature on the main menu if you saw the meteor shower scene. i would recommend clicking it and continuing the story until you’ve reached the “fin” screen. if you need more guidance, feel free to check out the walkthrough linked on the game page! 

Oh thank you! I tried that several times before but I guess I was clicking it wrong. I got through now. :)

My god i nwver knew

Is there supposed to be only one picture in the gallery?

(3 edits)

nope! there are more and the creator has made a walkthrough how to get more of the CGS! :3


I am so emotional and so devastated by Van. Gotta doodle myself holding his hand now since I am chemically changed by this.

I just binged the game... I just came to play some short games and relieve some stress but this game blew me away and genuinely made me emotional. The art, the story, just the way you connected the stories through that little game mechanic. ngl I'm more of a mobile phone otome player, so this being one of my first pc games... all I can say is thank you, to everyone involved. I'll play every game you guys put out. <3

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Oh my god this was so good and sweet. I cried at the end because it was so wholesome and loving! At first I thought it would just be the first story, but I loved the way it was set up with all the mini alternate universes ultimately tying up at the end... and the little callbacks to the previous universes with the phrases they said!!! Thank you for such a lovely game, I can't wait to see more from you! 💖


Fair warning: even though this is literally my job, this will probably sound awful. I literally got an account to leave you a review. I just started grad school and had been stuck reading some  ... questionably written stories and wondering if I should be writing at all. But, then, I was blown away by this breathtaking piece. The concept, the softness, the work that clearly went into it. Even if it wasn't what you imagined, as it often never is in our line of work, I'm so grateful for what it did become. I'm still thinking about it like a week later. It's one of the best games I've played since I started PC gaming? I'm just so taken with it and can barely make the words run, but thank you.


Same, like I literally had to create an account for this, It's too good.

Van is the face I'll remember when sth related to chill/artistic/aesthetic guy pops up in my life from now on. I think you have been in Vietnam because this is the ideal imaginary crush of all Vietnamese girls throughout our puberty period.

The game idea is great, beautiful visuals. I think you have more possibilities with the in-game phone function, and there are few options to moderate the MC characteristic or interact with the storyline.


Finally able to boot the game and play through tonight. That was so sweet and charming. In general I don't believe in soulmates, but the idea is beautifully presented and explored in this game. Imagine having a feeling from a chance encounter that leads to one of the sweetest stories you could live. Love love love all the different lifetimes and how they feel unique. The art through out the game is just the perfect amount of soft and and dreamy. 


Dang! The voice acting was sooooo good

I think the wholesomeness extended my life span. Thank you, Intertwine team!


Hi Van destroyed my ovaries and my chance of an irl bf I hope you are happy.

Srs though, this game is CUTE AS SHIT. I never thought I'd be moved by romance at my age but this game is...PHEW. The voice acting, the art, the dialogue (it's so NATURAL)! And ofc VAN. My fav "arc" was the 2nd lol. I love that no matter the choice you make Van will fall in love with you, hate getting bad ends lol.

If I have one TINY TINY TINY complaint, it's the MC. Even though there's a pronoun selector the dialogue reads very...feminine. I mean I know judging gender by how someone talks is bad, but I tried playing as a he/him and it...did not work as a BL. 

But I love this. I love Van goddamit.

P.S: You really ought to consider some merch for the guy, I'd buy it (when I have money). TBH if you take commissions I want to get some custom art for him (when I have money).

May the single be with you, brother.

as soon as I saw that Van likes Vietnamese coffee I gasped since I strongly rmr my parents drinking it and trying to give it to me to try (it was too bitter for little me haha) I haven't played this game get but I'm sure ill love it!


haha i personally drink it with lots of condensed milk so it's not too bitter LOL. if you get around to playing it, hope you like it! thank you for checking it out <3 


AGH this game is so sweet I loved that clicking on the red string showed us our next lives! I have to admit I was somewhat confused for a second I thought it was an after-story right where we left off LOL. some parts did manage to fluster me a little, and many parts got me embarrassed (in a good way). Overall I think this is a very adorable game!

I also love Vans voice it's got me giggling like I'm 13 again HEHAHHS


I'm in love. When I read the comments I expected to love Van and imagined the game to play in a certain way... However, it was completely different and much more fulfilling than I imagined... Like, if I ever have thought about true love, this is it. It was such a joy to play this game and, from the bottom of my heart, I hope everyone gets to experience a love so pure and freely-given as you portrayed here. This was honestly amazing!

AHHH !!! i'm so happy you played and liked it!!!! intertwine really is my love letter to the idea of love and romance, so i always get happy when other people get that feeling after playing <3 this comment meant so much to me---thank you for leaving it :'')))

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My friend recommended me to play english visualnovel for the first time in a long time(bc im Japanese so not good at english), and it was great! It was very heartwarming for a few hours! The illustrations, acting and music are very amazing!

Thanks for making it!

ahhh thank you for giving it a chance even if you don't speak english as well!! japanese visual novels are very beautiful, so i'm glad you liked intertwine as well!! <3

MY HEART.  I love this so much.  The story is so sweet and I can't articulate how it makes me feel.  The way you tie bits of all the lives together...  It makes me want to do something similar when I finally get around to writing more.  One other thing: good job making me ACTUALLY click the red string.  That kind of thing is really easy to do wrong.

if you ever write something similar, would love to read it! best of luck on your own creative endeavors <3 and thank you!!!!! getting people to click the red string was definitely.... a lot of trial and error before the public release haha!!! happy to know it paid off

Such a cute game! Had the perfect amount of longing to tug at my heartstrings, loved the harmless snarky banter, and conveying how lovely Van is in such a short amount of time was very impressive! The voice acting was amazing and Faefield knocked it out of the park once again with a delightful soundtrack. Thank you for the fun lil time and I wish you the best with any future projects if any <333

thank you so much for playing! so happy you liked it <3 the banter of the second playthrough is my fave out of all four so i'm glad everyone's been enjoying it :') glad you liked van as well as all our other features ^^ and thank you for the well wishes! 

truly amazing game, heartwrenchingly beautiful from start to the very end! i love van so much (he's so pretty!!), the writing is really, really good and the music ties it all together perfectly! this game felt like a dream, and it really was an excellent take on the tried-and-true soulmates thing!!

ahhh thank you so much!!! i'm glad you liked our take on the soulmates trope <3 it was a lot of fun to write and play around with. so happy you enjoyed it ^^ thank you for playing! 


OH. MY. GOD. This game touched all the strings in my heart 😭💖 I love it! It's just perfect. Also, the detail of the red string in the main menu to access the next story is beautiful and caught me by surprise.


ahhh thank you!!!! and yes that’s one of my favorite little touches hehe ^^ went through a lot of trial and error to finally get to that result lol! 


hello i just found this i'm just here to say how much i love the poem at the beginning of this page, i find it ingenious and elegant, and how much gentleness i feel from the colors here and the screenshots thank you

thank you! i couldn't have done the poem without the help of some editor friends, but i'm very happy with the end result. so glad you also appreciate it as well as the aesthetics of the page! if you ended up playing the game, hope it was enjoyable <3 


i came here to say how much i loved this game but turns out there’s more??????? gotta go back right now


I’ve played it all, and I wanna play it again, i whished there was more, my favorite life was the enemies to lovers one, but I love all of them, thank you for creating this. I hope to get to meet my soulmate one day

thank you so much for playing!!! very funny to me you came to talk about how much you liked the game and after playing the rest you wanted more HAHA. so glad you liked it---i 100% believe you will meet your soulmate one day whether this life or the next <3 


This game was so friggin sweet. I wont lie, i LOVE romance and i love the idea of soulmates across time. My only gripe is that IT WAS TO SHORT. I would of loved to play for another 5 hours but i understand TvT. 

I love the story where yall were enemies to lovers. Just the right amount of spice from each character. Would of loved one where yall were married or something. Cant wait to see more games from this team if its made like this!

HAHA a couple of people have been feeling conflicted over it being the right amount and yet wanting to see more van. the reception and hearing people say they want more is always flattering though! since the game was initially made solely for otome jam, i always knew it would be a shorter one. we're happy that even with a short story, it made an impact on people and was enjoyable <3 

maybe one day we'll release a dlc with extra short stories, but for now we are happy with the story as is :') thank you for playing and liking it! 


ahh it was so incredibly beautiful, i cried so many times while playing it and i just know that it won't leave my mind for a while. i loved every life they've had together and i like to imagine what happened in other ones, that wasn't; shown in the game. immaculate work, i will definitely think of this game fondly, i'm looking forward to playing other Crescence Studio's works<3

thank you so much for playing!!! my favorite part of the game is probably how open it leaves things for players to imagine, so i'm really happy it had that effect on you <3 thank you again for the sweet review---hope to continue to meet your expectations for future works :')

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This is breathtaking! Would you be interested in allowing us to port Intertwine to mobile and smart TV platforms? We can also help you apply for console distribution. (Yes, you retain all rights. For context, we - Halfspire - are a developer-focused game distribution company. If you want to discuss this privately, our contact details are on our Itch creator profile.)

is there like diffrent endings cuz i keep getting the same one and many in the comments are talking about diffrent ones.


if you haven’t checked out the walkthrough yet, i’d recommend giving it a look here ! it will tell you how to continue the game to see more content that others are mentioning. i would tell you what to do directly but want to avoid giving spoilers in the game comments ><


wait is there gonna be more tho? does it really just end so shortly broooo i miss it already

if you only played through one life there is more content in the game! it’s not over until you’ve reached the fin screen. if you have only unlocked one cg, i would recommend clicking on an interactive feature on the main menu. there should be an animation to clue you in on what to click

if you got to the fin screen though, that is all the content lol! 


omg this game is amazing, im in tears, itd be so good if someone made a character of Van in character ai and post the link here lol :,3


This is SO BEAUTIFUL. I cannot say it enough. The music, the colors, the voice acting...everything. I loved getting to know Van! I also really love how after playing, it makes me speculate what I would be doing in another life, you know? Would I be me, would I not be, what would I like?



SNAKKIEZ THANK YOU <3333 i'm so happy you liked it! thank you for playing---i love the idea of alternate lives/universes so it was fun to play around with that in this game. glad it made other people reflect on it a bit too teehee ^^


I love this so much !! I love how the change in dialogue relied on what decisions you had made in 'previous lifetimes', it took me by surprise and I loved it so much. I'm still trying to get over the art style for this entire game, it's so beautiful and I highly recommend it <33


ahhh yes!! the parallel lines between lives was my personal favorite part of writing the script. i like to think of it as the thread that continues to flow between your lives. thank you for noticing and liking the game!! <3 ((and so glad you liked the art---i was quite proud of it for a 2 months cram LOL))

(2 edits) (+3)

What a lovely, lovely game. Beautiful music, beautiful voice acting, beautiful art—it was all so good! Coming from someone who has complicated-tending-towards-negative feelings towards romantic soulmates as a trope, I fell completely in love with intertwine, and of course, with Van. It's not a new take, but I vastly prefer soulmate stories where the people tangled together in fate's web ultimately have to choose to be together despite whatever plans destiny has for them, so I was really pleased by the game's main mechanic. The red thread might've led us all to Van, but in the end it was our choice to stay and build a life together with him. (Except in that one ending, and the other lifetimes where Van says we rejected him, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right?)

Also, so sick and twisted of you to tie Van's hair back and not give us a CG of what it looks like down. I believe in Van's Rapunzel arc, I really do.

Also also, I think you did a pretty good job at keeping things gender neutral! It always feels a bit 😧😧 when games with a gender selectable MC mention things that make it clear that a feminine MC is canon, so the attention to detail here was really nice.

Also also also, I'm completely obsessed with the fact that in the final lifetime we see, Van initially shows up as Van before his title reverts to Handsome Stranger. Was that intentional?

Now it's for me to take a nap thinking about Van in preparation for replaying intertwine tomorrow. I'll be sticking around for your other games, so good luck on your game dev undertakings!

oh gosh thank you so much for the glowing review!! i totally get the "tending-towards-negative" feelings towards soulmates. it can feel very hit or miss depending on how it's done (which could probably be said about most tropes anyways LOL). i'm so glad you liked our take on it though. ironically enough, the third life (aka rejection life) was placed there so you could feel like you could choose to not be with van (and still live a fulfilling life) should you desire! many players have said rejecting him made them sad though LOL

happy to hear about the gender neutral aspect as well! i try to put in a good amount of effort to make sure it comes off that way, and i'm happy that piece was appreciated ^^ hope your replay was still filled with lots of love, and thank you so much for the support both on intertwine and future games! <33333


Aghhhhhh, this is exactly the sort of soft soulmate content I crave, I am going to feel warm fuzzies over this for days. Thank you Crescence for making this wonderful piece, you and your team did absolutely amazing work. <3

Van is absolutely swoon worthy. As if his face and beauty marks and tattoos weren't enough, he's got the cute banter and cheesy flirting down across lifetimes and I am SO weak for that, ugh my heart. (And voiced too!? Halp me I am just a cheesy romantic my heart was not prepared.) I really liked the different stories that were chosen, and thought the contrast between the first two lifetimes was especially fun. The elements that were repeated were also really interesting - they were clearly the same souls in each life, and the writing was so smooth and really nailed the nostalgic feeling. I am torn between wanting to see more lifetimes, and feeling like this game was perfect and wonderful as-is!

I absolutely love the use of the visual novel format as part of the story. I've been musing on a similar concept (for a game that will probably never see the light of day, hah), and it was so delightful to see this type of repeat feature implemented such a wonderful way. <3 On top of that, the GUI was absolutely wonderful with its soft colors and lovely graphics, and the OST was just perfect (I liked the use of vocals in one of the songs!)

I am so happy the developer embraced this impulse to work on this game, its an absolute delight and I enjoyed every moment of my time with it! I've been really looking forward to Alaris, and this was such a treat to play while its in development.

WAHH THIS IS SUCH A NICE COMMENT! <3 thank you so much for the incredibly thoughtful review. i'm so glad you enjoyed so many different aspects of the game---it always means so much when players notice all the little things we work so hard on ^^ and for picking up on the details that repeat across lifetimes!!!! i was quite proud of that part hehe

thank you again for giving the game a chance and it's always such a delight to hear people coming from alaris. so grateful for your support!! 

p.s. if you ever release your game, or just talk about the general idea, i'd love to hear it! 


What a beautiful story, I loved every minute of it! I love things like this that explore different aspects of relationships or the what-ifs. I've just finished playing about 15 minutes ago and I feel like I just have to sit with it for awhile, lol.

Shout out to Faefield, their OSTs never miss!

ahh thank you so much!! so glad you enjoyed it and hope after sitting with it, you still enjoy the story and game haha! 

and agreed!! faefield are unbelievably talented <3 ^^


this is a beautiful game and I fell in love with it all. I was seriously tearing up by the end. The art, story, music, voice acting -- everything was wonderful. Thank you so much for it!

ahhh thank you!!! so glad you liked it <3 thank you so much for playing ^^ 


wonderful game! Lovely story and concept, I wished it was longer! ❤️


haha a lot of ppl say that!! i’m flattered some of you feel that way <3 maybe one day we will give an extended version but for now the four lives is all we can give you :’) 


just fell to my knees at a 7/11




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