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"Not all mysteries can be explained by the logic of man. Some mysteries, beyond man, have no logic, have no fate.

In the face of such, keep your wits close, but do not trust them. Trust not yourself, nor your senses. Your time, nor your wit.

For where time has stopped, but its flow has no end. For when passion calls, but hate runs deep.

Heed this warning, and do not wait. For laws of nature and laws of man. Have no logic, and have no weight."

Enter a world of magic – of Fae and Dragon. Long ago, dragons sacrificed their kind to protect life on this planet. Thanks to their noble deed, life has continued in the world of Alaris. In fact, it has prospered. Humans, beings once unable to use magic, have now dethroned dragons as the strongest in the world. With dragon energy at their fingertips, humans live in a utopia ruled by peace. 

However, not all is as it seems… What forces are lurking under the surface, threatening to expose truths that have been long forgotten and disrupt this utopia? 

Uncover the history that’s never been told but is ever important to the problems faced today. Explore a world that’s always existed, just on the outskirts of your awareness. Discover your true self and purpose, and see if there’s someone willing to accept and love you for whatever that may be.

From Left to Right: Kuna'a, Fenir, Kayn, Druk, Etza, Aisa

  • A Customizable Protagonist: Choose your name, pronouns, and personality
  • Personality: Shape your personality with a combination of four traits: Bravery, Kindness, Wisdom, and Charisma. At times, you may make choices that shape your personality. You may also find yourself, or others, reacting according to your personality. Live your life multiple ways, and find out what happens.
  • Free Time: 18 total Free Time dates. Choose from four locations and go on a date of your choosing with any of our love interests.
  • Codex: Understand the world of Alaris more with a codex that updates as you learn more information.
  • Dragon Energy Vision: Tap into one of the MC's special abilities to see the dragon energy auras of the cast.
  • Character Profiles: Revisit dates that you've been on with any of our love interests. Hear a small sample of voiced lines from each of them. And rewatch CGs you've unlocked for them.

These are just a few of the features included in the current demo of Alaris. The game includes 60,000+ words of content, 150+ choices, 9 unlockable CGs, and 6 character "endings."


- Team -

  • Crescence Studios: Producer/Director, Programmer, Writer, Artist
  • Anita "Elm" Mensah: Writer/Editor
  • Re.Alice: Game Logo
  • oastlv: Key Visual Illustration
  • Nimphradora: Personality Assets
  • WOW Sound: BGM, SFX
  • Sidearm Studios: SFX
  • Scarlet Moon & Peter Jones: Trailer Soundtrack


- Voice Artists -

  • Ryan Hoyle: Kayn
  • Ken Langner: Druk
  • John Patneaude: Fenir
  • Joy Ofodu: Etza
  • Luca Xavier: Kuna'a
  • Sarah Ruth Thomas: Aisa



Content Warning: The story is rated PG-13 for violence, explicit language, and sexually suggestive themes. Player discretion is advised. 

Updated 14 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Sep 02, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorCrescence Studio
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure, Interactive Fiction
Made withPaint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop, Ren'Py
Tagsamare, Anime, Fantasy, LGBT, Narrative, Otome, Ren'Py, Romance
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Love the artwork and I'm captivated by the demo's story so far! Good luck with the rest of the game, I can't wait to play it!


im a sucker for guys like Druk! 

when I got hit with the to be continued I wanted nothing more than to click on it until it broke and the game continued, i need this full game in my life the story is SO interesting and the characters are so so fun. Sobbing loudly I want to go to the dusk court PLEASE

Thank u 4 this amazing demo, i cant wait 4 the full game!

Yo! I'm so excited to see the final project once it arrives, take your time with it! I went both Kayns and Kuna'as route at the end, and was excitedly pumping my fists in the air, the game was amazing and the art was beautiful! Was talking with my friend on discord while playing it and have plenty of the great reactions you got from me, paranoia and PTSD were depicted very well! Kudos to the team for getting those accurate, it's nice to see my issues depicted in games without a bunch of cliches and the thoughts our character had after brought me some comfort.

Amazing work on everyone who contributed! Can't wait to see how this develops! <33

Help I'm playing on PC and with the PC version too but it straight away just crashed on me (。ノω\。)


I wish you could customize your character as well. everything else is okay so far.  i like kuna'a hopefully he isn't a bad guy

great story great music great characters!! I am in love with Fenir ;) Can't wait to see the full game!

just finished the demo and honestly forgot it was just a short sneak peek into the game, so when the "to be continued" screen showed up, i was so sad! i really enjoyed the story and characters, both are really captivating to me and i can't wait to see the finished product!

it's great! can't wait to see/read more^^

Alaris has a lovely setting full of mystique and wonder.  I was impressed with the beautiful score, intricate UI, as well as a strong use of animation. I also really like glossy coloring style used on the sprites - who are all gorgeous, by the way. Plus the night time shading on the sprites in night time scenes?! So cool.

The herbs personality system has been a lot of fun to tinker around with,  and I've had a blast exploring the codex as well.

I'm not too far into the game just yet, but Etza is shaping up to be my favorite companion. >:) I LOVE the use of free time exploration, the ability to invite someone along is such a cool mechanic! Really enjoying it so far, and looking forward to more.~

i love this game!! the story and world building is phenomenal and the art is brilliant!!! thank you for creating my new obsession, Fenir <333

(1 edit)

Since I see everyone talk about it here, right after the beginning of ch.3 when i meet kayn it suddenly gives me the pop-up message "An exception has occured" or just some sort of error. I dont really mind taking another route but if this could be fixed that would be great! But so far I have been really interest with the plot and the characters, so good job!

Edit: I tried playing again with a couple of different choices, it worked perfectly fine 

I absolutly love this game ! But in the beginning of chapter 3 (where we lookig for Etza and found Kayn),  there's a message saying "An exception has occured" :( Idk if it's only on the kayn's route or if it's a global error

Hi! So glad you’re enjoying the game <3 

We have a Bug Report Form if you wouldn’t mind submitting a more detailed report there. So sorry for the error (where are all these random errors coming from q.q)

yeah i had the same problem with druk's route its the part where they investigate the magic patricles  or something


Hi! Yes, this specific error has to do with the sprites and seems to pop up in random areas of the story. In general, players that have experienced this issue have been telling me the issue is resolved when they make alternative choices. Because there’s not a clear pattern on why the error pops up and it’s hard for me to replicate it myself, it’s been hard to track down specifically what is causing this error. 

For a short term solution, I would recommend changing up some of the choices you make in the game and seeing if that resolves the issue. This obviously isn’t an ideal solution, so I am working on the backend to try and track down the error and fix it on my end, but it’s hard to know how long that may take since the error is quite sporadic :’( 

Again, there is a Bug Report Form if you wouldn’t mind submitting it there, since it is easier to keep track of the bugs through the form and also gain more information on why the bug pops up! Again, so sorry for the error that pops up - I’m doing my best to resolve it on my end <3

No android for this game???please... android version


The game is really good! I love kayn. My only problem is I got a message saying "An exception has occurred" during the part when you learn to use vision. does anyone else have this problem?


Hi! A couple people reported this bug for the previous build. Do you happen to be using build 3.0 or 3.1, as I (hopefully) fixed this bug in the most recent build. If you’re using build 3.1 and experiencing this issue, please feel free to email more details to me at studioscrescence@gmail.com so I can get a bit more insight as to what is causing the error to occur! 

I'm so sorry it took me so long to respond! I have sent you an email with the details.

wow... found sth great here^^

well done and interesting - cant wait for the rest of the story...;D

(wonder if it will be possible to pair up with both Kayn and Druk or Etza and Fenir?? - it seems like a great pairings^^)


Hmm this game seems promising I hope I can play this on Android I think this a great game but I couldn't find any gameplay on yt but from the comments I think this is a great game

aw man...it's so great!!! I cannot wait for it to come out!

It looks quite promising <3


I had a lot of fun playing through the demo, and I'm excited for the full release! I love the characters and I really like the codex to help keep track of everything, and I'm excited to unravel the mystery. Awesome game!


Im so excited to see how wonderful you made this new update


It is finally here!!! Hopefully, it lives up to your expectations <3 Thank you so much for the support :’)

Just left another comment in the devlog but I just thought of this question and figured to post it here -- How many chapters do you plan to have for the completed game? I see that the demo will cover through chapter 3, but couldn't seem to find the full game amount. Apologies if I missed it!


Hi! You didn’t miss it :) I haven’t posted an official number yet since I’ve been focused on just getting the full demo content out. 

But the full game will have eight chapters for each character’s route. The chapters will each vary in length depending on the content being covered in that chapter, but I’m aiming for about 80,000 words for each characters route. So the final game will have an estimated 500,000 words worth of content, including what will be featured in the demo! I know that might be a lot to some people, and things are subject to change. But I think that’s how much I need so that each route feels like a complete story. Once I release the demo and am at a place where I can think about the full game properly, I can talk more about my thought process and vision. But for now, I hope that answers your question!

Umm .... there doesn't seem to be a 'save' option where I can save my progress?


Hi! When you’re in the game, in the top right corner of the text box, there should be a couple of different words listed (e.g., Load, Stats, History, etc.). Each of these, when clicked, should allow you to execute the corresponding action. 

The word “Save” should be in that area, and you should be able to access the Save Menu from there! Alternatively, Renpy (the software used to make the game) automatically assigns the Save Menu function to the right click on your mouse. So you can also right click to access the Save Menu and save the game! Let us know if you continue to experience issues/ need more explanation! 

Thank you so much! I was scared I would lose my progress and have to start over again, huge relief haha


It's an interesting story! It's a bit hard to follow for me at least, but I'm really liking the characters so far! (^‿^) I love the stats feature, and I'm hoping to see more of the Kuna'a and Aisa! Though I do complain about MC being bashful alot. Other than that, I enjoyed it and hope for more chapters to come soon! ( ´ ω ` )

I'm loving the story and all the characters! They are so interesting, I can't wait for chapter 3 B)

Damn it's a good story, but it forces me to stop playing it since I only play it with Joiplay(emulator that allows you to play PC games made with Renpy or RPG maker in Mobile phones) for some reason, pressing D and F on the keyboard provided by the app doesnt work... and i cant really progress... :( it's been good tho. I dont have a Pc so that's why im only playing this on my phone via joiplay..


Hello! Thank you so much for the kind words - so glad you are enjoying it :) I didn’t know this was an option for people, so I can try to upload an alternative version for you today so you can play the game and continue without using the dragon energy vision and still enjoy the story! I will post here when I’ve uploaded it to let you know. 


Hello again! Just wanted to let you know I've uploaded another version. In this version, you will have the option to skip the dragon energy vision tutorial and just go straight back to the story. I think pressing D and F still won't work as a function for activating the dragon energy, but hopefully this way you can still enjoy the story :) Hope you enjoy, and let me know if you run into any issues! 

Omggg thank you soo muchhh! ❤❤

Beautiful, dynamic characters and story. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to playing more!


this is amazing<3 new chapter also pretty good that we learn more about the lore thank you:D and keep it up


Very nice game! The story and lore is so interesting and pulls you in, especially with the idea of utopia as compared to so many other stories set in dystopian post apocalypse worlds. The characters are diverse and  my favorite is most definitely Fenir. The stats system is also stress free(atleast for now) the whole game has a very calm vibe especially with the music. The free time concept is also really fun and I thoroughly enjoyed going on a date with all of the available options. I didn't face any glitches throughout the game.

That being said, I did wonder about a few issues. The MC blushes SO. MUCH. The MC's character is also oddly contrasting at times. Like right after they were attacked(both times), they seem all calm and blushing. I mean for someone who just went through what most people would consider traumatic, they seem way too interested in the guys who rescued them rather than being worried about the attack. The MC comes off as more of a girly otome protagonist rather than a strong lead protagonist, despite pickings options at the start of the personality assessment that clearly contrast this. Hopefully, this can be fixed in the final version.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to see how the finished product turns out.

super amazing start, cannot wait for the finished product keep up the work :)

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love the concept and personality system, the music really fits the experience. looking forward to the full game!


The premise sounds really interesting about pollution and dragons, so i decided to give it a go. The art of the RO's looks cute as well.

 I got a little worried at "It features a strong lead protagonist" and 6 dudes to romance and it seems your default protagonist is awkward, blushing, pale skin(darker skin tones don't really "blush"), feminine character, it did turn me off if i'm honest. I didn't really see anything that showed me a strong lead protagonist. They blushed 2 times in a span of 5 sentences and fumbled their words for some reason? Even though i didn't really choose anything like that at the start. At the situation MC is at the start, why they are blushing at a person just looking at them? Don't you think it is a little out of place at the moment? You have 2 dudes, who clearly superior in fighting, grilling your with questions, don't you think you have more pressing matters then being "uwu he looked me in the eyes" at the moment? Maybe making it more neutral, than forcing an otome protagonist personality at the start would be better? Why not force a charming personality that can speak for themself at the start?

Right know it feels like you just threw a pronoun choice in, then it  feels you already made a MC.

I understand that the game in it's very stages, but still it feels like a forced personality at the start is not necessary.

But it's just me, if you want the game to be only for a certain audience, i think it will do great


I actually had a completely different experience. 

The MC had a relatively relatable personality in my opinion; she was a bit irritated at not being able to rest and although she was captured by their looks for a sec, she wasn't someone who just melted, I also had the option to push a love interest away when he(they?) got too close. 

The guys are good looking so being lost in thought while looking at them for a moment is completely normal to me.

(1 edit) (+2)

The worldbuilding with hints to our polluted world ( and DRAGONS) had captured my attention while the beauty of backgrounds had successfully kept it!  And the possibility to build MC's personality is such a treat. For now they are such bashful and clumsy character, haha, wonder if and how they could change. Best of luck with further work, it certainly seems delightful!

Uwah! Really enjoying the game so far! The idea of a personality system and the free time is really cool! I'm super interested in what happens next too! Can't wait for future updates, looking forward to the finishing of this game! It's really cool so far!


Sorry to barge in here but I don't know any other way to contact developers directly.

I represent a group of translation students and we'd like to translate your game in French. If you're interested, would it be possible to speak privately? If you prefer to talk via Twitter, I'd be happy to exchange there.

We love your work and we'd be superhyped to work with you!

PS: as it's a student project, we'd do it for free.

Hello! Thank you so much for leaving a comment and reaching out. If possible, let's continue this conversation via Twitter. Feel free to DM us @CrescenceStudio ! :)