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Great fun to read. One cause for confusion... It says "so-and-so's ending unlocked" and I have no idea if that's available yet, since I can't seem to find a way to read said unlocked endings.


Hello! So glad you’ve enjoyed the game.! The “unlocked endings” notification is just meant to help players keep track of which LIs they’ve finished since you need to unlock four of them to access Kuna’a and Aisa’s dates :) There’s no additional content as an “ending” - it’s just meant to help notify players you’ve finished their route - apologize if there was confusion regarding that!


Omg! I have to say this game is so wonderful!! gosh it’s so cozy and soft I really wanted to give it a try on Alaris before this DLC, but since I saw you would work on it, I prefer to wait so I could see who character I would like more! 

So I have to play all the routes!! and dahduasidshf Kuna'a is already my favorite jgdhDdajfajfj I love everything about his route :'D and gosh I need more!

the song choice is so good! fit so well with the moment and I love the snow falling it was so adorable!